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Trainday courses are designed around our customer specific requirements and delivered at a location and time of their choice!

All our open courses are offered as in-house trainings as well.

Microsoft Academy
Ms Word Brussels on demand English
Ms Excel Tips & Tricks Brussels
on demand English
Ms Power Point Brussels
on demand English
Ms Outlook Brussels on demand English
Mind Manager Brussels on demand English
Ms Access Brussels on demand English
Ms Project Brussels on demand English
Windows 7 Brussels on demand English
Sharepoint End User - Level I  Brussels on demand English
Sharepoint End User - Level II  
Brussels on demand English
Adobe & Photo Academy
The "science" of digital photos  Brussels on demand English
Photoshop Brussels on demand EN/ FR
InDesign Brussels on demand EN/ FR
Illustrator Brussels on demand EN/ FR

In-house training is the most cost effective way for a company to improve the performance of its staff.

Numerous companies, both large and small, benefited from our expertise as our tailor made training solutions met their specific requirements.

We can design and deliver a course that is centered around our customers’ exact requirements and based upon their specific needs. The training can be delivered at the clients’ premises, offsite at a hotel or at our training centre.

In-house courses  usually run for 1-3 days but depending of the topic they can go up to 18-20 days.  For example to cover all topics in our Microsoft or Adobe Academy - 20 days are needed. 

The advantages of the in-house solutions are significant:

  1. Virtually no expenses for travel and accommodation
  2. In-house training is scheduled at the customers’ convenience
  3. It provides training customized to the clients’ needs
  4. Reduced cost per participant

Our trainers are instructed to employ different teaching methods which vary from presentations, discussions and reflection periods, to role-plays and  case study analysis. Therefore our customers can easily chose the modules that best fit their training/consultancy needs.

For more complex projects we can send a Trainday consultant to work directly on your projects. We developed this approach as many of our clients told us "don't come to show us how to do it but come and do it with us". So we are happy to get hands-on and put our expertise at work alongside your staff to achieve your specific goals and objectives.  

For customized offers and  presentations contact us at office@trainday.eu or click the Buy Now button bellow to book a consultant right now via PayPal.