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Coaching is the process through which one gets support to achieve a specific personal target or goal.

Trainday coaching services are related to both phases of the EPSO Competitions - the Computer Based Test (pre-selection) and the Assessment Center.  We have created 8 packages - six for each stage and type of the EPSO competition and two on MS Office and design. Except package 1 all others can be done in 4 or 5 hours but the participant together with the coach can decide if more focus is needed on a particular topic. Each session is a mix of theory, example, tips and tricks and possible simulations of the real tests. We typically charge 75 EUR/hour.

It is possible to organise these sessions over Skype as well or in person at our Coaching office in Evere, Brussels

If needed some parts of the coaching sessions (e.g. simulations of interview) can be done in French as well. 

Package 1 EPSO Application

Prepare your application (min. 2h):

1. What competitions are best suited for you ?
2. How to get a job with the EU Institutions ?
3. Prepare a powerful EPSO Application
4. Help with the talent screener
5. Improve your CV


Package 2 Computer Based Test

Preparation for the Computer Based Test (min. 4h):
1. Introduction (tips & tricks, method, timing)
2. Verbal Test
3. Numerical Test
4. Abstract Reasoning Test  


Package 3 Assessment Center AD

Preparation for the Assessment Centre - AD (min. 5h)

1. Structured Interview (explanations, simulation, feedback)
2. Case study/Written Test (explanations,key phrases, simulation, feedback - several topics available)
3. Oral presentation
4. Group Exercise (theoretical part + video) 

It is possible to have a dedicated coaching on one or two of the topics of interest e.g. case study and interview. 


Package 4  Assessment Center AST 3

Preparation for the Assessment Centre - AST 3 (min. 5h)
1. Structured Interview (explanations, simulation, feedback)
2. E-Tray Exercise 
3. Group exercise (theoretical part + video)
4. Case Study/ Written Test (explanations,key phrases, simulation, feedback)


Package 5 Assessment Center AST 1/SC

Preparation for the Assessment Centre - AST 1/SC (min. 4h)
  1. Structured Interview (explanations, simulation, feedback)
  2. Practical Test 1 - Word/Excel Test / Office Test / Finance Test (depending of field)
  3. Practical Test 2 - Drafting skills
  4. E-Tray Exercise


Package 6 Field Specific Interview 

Preparation for the field specific interview for EU Institutions  (min. 2h)
  1. Analysis of the candidate's Talent Screener in relation to the job profile and notice of competition. 
  2. Preparation of relevant questions
  3. Simulation of the field specific interview - may be filmed on request
  4. Individual Feedback 


Package 7 Internal Competitions 

Preparation for the Internal Competition - AD/AST (min. 3h)

1. Oral Test (explanations, feedback)
    -  Interview (explanations,key questions, simulation, feedback) 
    -  Presentation


Package 8 Final Interview

Preparation for the final interview for EU Institutions (Ast; Ad; CAST); UN; NATO; Foreign Service (min 2h)
1. Analysis of the candidate's CV in relation to the job profile
2. Simulation of the job interview (including internal competitions) - may be filmed
3. Feedback 


Package 9 Complaints/Requests - under Article 90 of the Staff Regulation

Discussion and analysis of candidate situation (min 2h)
1. Initial discussion and analysis of the candidate's situation (e.g. for EPSO competitions, expatriate allowance, salary rights, unlawful termination of contract etc.) 
2. Review of legal drafts and preparation work
3. Follow-up


Package 10 Ms Office

Preparation for the MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, MindManager) - (min. 2 h)
1. Theory
2. Tips and Tricks
3. Examples
4. Exercises


Package 11 InDesign/Photoshop/Illustrator

InDesign/Photoshop/Illustrator - (min. 4h each)
1. Theory
2. Tips and Tricks
3. Examples
4. Exercises 


To book a coaching session contact us at office@trainday.eu and mention your availability and the competition that you are in. As soon as a date is confirmed please press the Buy Now button below to reserve your session.

Book your coaching session by clicking on the "Buy Now" button bellow and chose the number of hours.

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