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Duration 1 day
Location  Your location or Trainday location in Brussels on demand
Participants 6
Course fee 180 EUR/person

Masters and templates

  • To create and modify masters : date, logo, background, styles, lists, page numbering, ...
  • Use of the MultiMasters tool
  • To work with lay-out masters 
  • To create and develop templates of company styles with the aid of logos, styles, etc. ...
  • Forms: lines, conectors etc.
  • Diagrams, charts, tables
  • To put slides from different presentations together
  • Animation techniques
  • Multimedia effects
  • Photo-Album tool
  • To check the slide transitions, animation timings, sequence, etc. ...

Professional topics

  • Inserting hyperlinks to your presentation to obtain access to information during the presentation
  • Action buttons (clicking and mouse-over function)
  • Use of the 'hide slide' function in a new way
  • Modified slideshows


  • To download from the internet (clip-art-gallery-life)
  • To modify and use screen shots
  • Colour schemes for ClipArts
  • To modify pictures

To reserve a place please send an e-mail to office@trainday.eu or register right now by clicking the Paypal button below.

This course can be organised at your company as an in-house course.