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Duration 1 day
Location  Client location of Trainday location in Brussels on demand
Participants 6
Course fee 180 EUR/person

Do you know how to handle “Pivottables” in a longer document? or how would you do a consolidation from several sheets ?

The tipsandtricks learned in this course will allow participans to speed up the calculations and manage data in a faster and easier way.

If you want to get rid of using a pocket calculator for your calculations and are willing to learn how MS EXCEL can make our life easier than this course is for you. The course is also very useful for those who have recently migrated to Office 2010.

What will you learn?

Useful features in MS Excel

  • Add filters
  • Sorting
  • Manipulate spreadsheets (export, group, etc.)
  • Work with several windows (split, freeze, hide cells)
  • Navigate in a spreadsheet
  • Create and use an Exceltemplate
  • Quickly format cells (format painter and smart tags)
  • Conditional formatting of a group of cells
  • Fix encoding rules for a group of cells
  • Create a chart from a table
  • Extract data from a database to demonstrate them with filters, Pivottables
  • Consolidations
  • Database functions (IF, DSUM, DMIN, DMAX, VLOOKUP etc. )
  • Import data from other applications or from a website

Who is it for?

  • Newly appointed Assistants or Secretaries
  • Interims
  • Trainees or Stagieres in the EuropeanInstitutions
  • Sales and Marketing professionals who are dealing with direct mailing/e-mailing campaigns, sales proposals creating in house offers etc
  • More senior staff that did not have a chance to thoroughly look at these issues before
  • All persons who want to improve their skills in MS Office
  • Let us know in advance if you prefer to bring your own laptop or you want us to provide one for you

Practical information:

  • To reserve a place please send us an e-mail  at office@trainday.eu or register right now by clicking the "Buy now" button below.
  • Contact us to schedule a private coaching session if the proposed day is not suitable for you.
  • This courses can be held in-company or in house as well Contact us for a price quote.