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I would like to kindly thank you for all the materials, seminars and support you offered me to prepare myself for EPSO open competitions. I found them very interesting and useful.

Finally, I succeeded to be on the reserved list for AD5 Generalists.

Thank you once again!

Kind Regards,

Dear Trainday,

I had told you I would let you know about my AD5 Generalist competition. Well, EPSO told me that I passed it!

Thanks a lot again for your feedback and advice, they have been very helpful indeed.



Dear Trainday,

Today, my dream has come true: I have just learnt that I successfully passed the EPSO/AST/134/14 (Parliamentary Assistant, AST3) competition! I am among the 30 lucky winners out of the initial 12 573 candidates.

I would like to say a special thank you to all of you, as you helped me in one way or another to achieve my objective. I could not have succeeded without all the useful information, hints, study material, advice, enthusiasm and support that I received from you. Thank you!

With my warmest wishes,

The reserve list of EPSO competition AST SC/03/15 was recently published. There are at least  27persons who participated in our open courses or benefited from our coaching services in 2015 and now are happy to find their names on the reserve list.  Based on the total number of participants this represents a success rate of exactly 75%. In other words every three out of four participants who came to a Trainday course or coaching session are now on the EPSO reserve list.  


In addition to that there might be some participants who who participated in our in-house courses or others who choose not to have their name published on the official reserve list or even some others that may have changed their name in the meantime.

We take this opportunity to congratulate them and wish them a fruitful career in the EU Institutions.

Dear Trainday,
I have good news! I am on the reserve list for AST / SC / 03/15 - SC / 2 (administrative area).
Thanks so much again for the individual coaching sessions. I'm sure that it had a great contribution to my success.
Good luck!
A good day!