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Location  Your location or Trainday location on demand
Participants 6
Course fee  180 EUR 

Create your first mindmap

Extend your first mindmap

  • Inserting illustrations to the topics
  • Create links between topics
  • Editing the layout
  • Insert borders
  • Adding "map markers and callouts
  • Creation of links with other documents
  • Inserting notes or comments

Organise your first mindmap

  • Assigning tasks (e.g. ToDos in the Outlook agenda)
  • Insert Ms Word files
  • Use of filters
  • The "multi-map" module

Communicate my mindmap

  • Export to Word/Powerpoint
  • Use the presentation mode
  • Share my map on the internet

Tips and tricks

  • Use or create templates
  • Use the "brainstorming" mode
  • Use of the "review" mode
  • Going through the menus

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