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Dates 16 February 2019; 14:00 - 18:00
Location Av Louise 113, Brussels 1050


Course Fee 120 EUR (materials included)

Group Exercise Simulation Seminar 

This seminar is focused on simulating the group exercise.

The session is addressed to those who already have an idea about what happens in the group exercise and are interested to practice, to simulate and to get as much feedback as possible.

If all participants agree it is possible to film the session for 

The emphasis is on practicing the discussion and feedback rather than on presentations. 

We accept a maximum of 6 participants per group so that each participant has enough time to speak and to be observed

The course is designed to simulate one of the most chalenging tests of the EPSO Assessment Centre  namely the Group exercise.


The Group exercise

  • General principles
  • Individual reading
  • Discussion
  • Feedback


Who is it for ?

  • relevant for any EPSO competition in which the Group Exercise is a forma test. 
  • The Group Exercise is also very useful for almost everybody as it is a common tool for selection in any professional environment

To reserve a place please send us an e-mail at office@trainday.eu or press the Buy now button below to register right now via PayPal.

Contact us to schedule a private coaching session if the proposed date is not suitable for you or if you want to practice more the various tests. 

 Disclaimer: The Group Exercise may be held in the participant's second language. However in order to be able to organize the seminar,  the materials and presentation will be in English. Due to time restrictions the timing of the simulations may be different than the timing of the real EPSO tests.